2017 Respect Our Waters (ROW)
Survey Report Findings - Quiz Edition!


Think you know how SE WI residents feel about water quality?
Take the ROW Survey Report quiz and test your knowledge!

For the first time since 2010, Sweet Water has commissioned a survey to better understand the views and actions of area residents related to water challenges and solutions.*

We’ve highlighted a few of the 2017 survey findings in the following quiz.

1) What percent of residents feel that they are personally responsible for the water quality of their rivers, streams and lakes?

a) 55%
b) 75%
c) 95%

2) What percent of residents have a rain garden installed on their property?

a) 3%
b) 9%
c) 14%

3) What percent of residents would consider installing a rain garden?

a) 37%
b) 57%
c) 77%

4) What percent of residents reported seeing a Respect Our Waters advertisement?

a) 31%
b) 51%
c) 71%

(Check below for the quiz answers and how you rate!)

What is the common thread woven through all of these survey findings?

Southeastern Wisconsin residents feel water quality is important and are fairly well informed about the sources of water pollution.

As the rain garden example illustrates, a strong majority of residents (77%) are open to installing green infrastructure on their properties. Only about 1 in 10 have done so, however.

And only 42% of residents expressed a willingness to pay more to improve water quality.

So how do we overcome this gap between our community’s beliefs about the importance of water quality and a change in our individual and collective actions?

In coming months, Sweet Water’s Watershed Watch newsletter will highlight collaborative initiatives that will help to address this gap, like:

  • MMSD’s Green Infrastructure Center of Excellence,

  • City of Milwaukee’s Water-Centric Cities, and

  • Other innovative initiatives taking place in Southeastern Wisconsin’s municipalities.

If you have examples of best practices or research in this area, please send them along to Dave Libert at libert@swwtwater.org.

Interested in learning more about Respect Our Waters or having us share information at your upcoming event? Contact Jake Fincher at info@swwtwater.org or (262) 716-2211.

Together we will continue to make the Milwaukee area a beacon for innovative approaches to freshwater protection and watershed restoration.

ROW Quiz Answers

  1. c - 95% (feel personally responsible for water quality)

  2. b - 9% (have a rain garden)

  3. c - 77% (would consider installing a rain garden)

  4. b - 51% (have seen a Respect Our Waters ad)


4 correct: Yes -- Feel the force flow within you, watershed Jedi!

2-3 correct: Great, kid. Don’t get cocky!

0-1 correct: Learning, you are, young padawan!

*The Respect Our Waters survey data was gathered via mailed questionnaire to 3,000 residents in Southeastern Wisconsin. Survey respondents had higher levels of education than the general population. This fact and their willingness to participate in the survey may suggest an increased level of knowledge and possible bias in support for watershed protection.

Check out the full report here:

Respect Our Waters Survey Report