Winter Blues

Every year around this time, I start to get a little blue. I know what you're thinking, my dear humans. 'How could Sparkles be blue? He's a dog! He doesn't have to shovel snow and he probably doesn't even notice the shortening days and the lack of sunlight?'. Well, you couldn't be more wrong.

However, that does not mean I'm going to give up and waste the season hibernating like some common wild animal.

When I start to get blue, I try to remember all the beautiful things about winter. I know it sounds uncharacteristically cheesy, but let me remind you:

  • The cold kills bugs. It kills mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love me. I hate mosquitoes.
  • The white color of snow contrasts very well with my dark coat. Not trying to be vain, but I do photograph best in winter environments.
  • Lake and river ice create unique habitats (excuse me while I let my nerd flag fly for a moment) and create economic and recreational opportunities. Hard freezes and long winters have sculpted Wisconsin's ecology for a long time. It's part of our history!
  • There is nothing better than feeling the wind fly through my fur as I gallop through snow drifts.
  • No matter how many winters I have seen in all my dog-years, its always entertaining to watch tiny chihuahuas and tall humans alike slip and slide all over sidewalks for a few months.

Don't forget your training! See you out there!

Jake FincherComment