I'm melting (and carrying gross runoff into your rivers and lakes)!!

Hello, dear humans! Sparkles, here!

If you've stepped your paws into the outside world lately you'll know that it feels like spring may actually be around the corner (knock on wood).

This is good news! The coming warmth means that I can go on long walks without needing to put on booties and a sweater (let's keep that tidbit between us, shall we?). More importantly, with all the melting that's going on in our beloved city, there's a lot of trash magically appearing from underneath the snow along streets and sidewalks and in yards. There's also a lot of melted snow running off straight into our sewers and out into our rivers and lakes.

Now is the time to check your yard and curb to make sure that no debris, trash, pet waste, or excessive amounts of rock salt get swept along into your neighborhood storm drain.

Do your part to keep our rivers and lakes clean and sustainable! But don't forget to enjoy the sun while you do it!

Jake FincherComment