Rain barrels save the day!

It seems like so many people have rain barrels these days and it's easy to judge from afar as your neighbors install them. You may wonder, will they really make a difference? 

The answer is YES!

First of all, any water that you can keep from leaving your property stops it from flowing into storm drains and onto our rivers and lakes, which makes a huge difference! During a one inch rain event, you can collect hundreds of gallons of rain from your roof runoff alone. Why not keep some of that volume of water on your property?

Secondly, having a rain barrel means that when there is little rain and everyone else is starting to worry about the water bill for maintaining their yard and garden, you will sleep easy at night knowing that you have a stock of water already sitting in your yard, waiting to be used. 

Thirdly, if you live in an area prone to flooding, having a rain barrel can actually reduce basement flooding issues! The barrel collects water and directs it away from your home's foundation.

Finally, they can actually make your yard prettier! That may sound cheesy, but rain barrels are blank slates waiting to be transformed into art projects, messages to your friends and neighbors, or just statement pieces in a color that fits your garden aesthetic. Let your rain barrel show the world that you care about respecting our waters and that you also care about making the world a more beautiful and interesting place!

Rain barrels are also very easy to install and maintain - If you still don't believe me (I am a dog, after all) check out this video

Jake FincherComment