Adopting a storm drain is a simple way to make a difference in your neighborhood

1. Locate a storm drain near you

2. Pledge to keep that drain clear of debris before and after storms

3. Send us the general location of the drain so we can mark it on our map!


Why is it important to keep our storm drains clear of debris? Rain or melting snow tend to wash soil, litter, pet waste, fertilizer, and lawn clippings off the pavement and into your storm drain. When the storm drain empties into lakes and streams, these materials become pollutants that can kill fish, close beaches, and increase weed and algae growth. For more information, visit our page on Stormwater Pollution.

By adopting a drain, you agree to prevent pollution from reaching storm drains by keeping the area around drains free from debris and by following our simple tips. Simply provide the location of the storm drain with an approximate address and we will add your drain's location to the map below!