Keep up with car maintenance to reduce leaks – oil, coolant, antifreeze and other hazardous fluids.

Recycle used motor oil. Don’t pour waste oil into gutters or down storm drains and resist the temptation to dump wastes onto the ground. A single quart of motor oil that seeps into groundwater can pollute 250,000 gallons of drinking water. If you don’t have a place to recycle used motor oil in your community, ask your local sanitation or public works department to create one. Check for local recycling options. When you buy motor oil, ask if the store or service station has a program to buy back waste oil and dispose of it properly.

Be “green” when washing your car. Skip the home carwash. Take your car to a professional carwash since they’re required to drain their wastewater into sewer systems, where it is treated before being discharged. This spares our local rivers and lakes from the brake fluid, oil and automotive fluids that could otherwise contaminate our water. Many carwashes also recycle their wastewater, and use less than half the amount of water a home carwash does. Ask around to find a carwash that practices wastewater recycling. Alternatively, you can “wash” your car at home using a waterless carwash product.

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